Monday, March 4, 2013

Inline image 1  Dear colleague,
The Disabled Access Friendly campaign will be at the following ELT events in Greece this Spring.  As you know, our site has free ELT lesson plans andreading texts that raise awareness about mobility disability.
National Presentations
20th Annual Convention of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, N. Greece “ELT – The What and the How” to be held in Thessaloniki from 9-10 March, 2013.
Our talk is entitled “Moving from the website to the classroom” and analyses some of the Disabled Access Friendly campaign’s free lessons and graded reading texts, showing how these combine teaching EFL with raising awareness about mobility disability. Teachers from the state and private sector and students at varying levels give feedback of their experience of this in the classroom in Pecha Kucha format. Our talk is on Sunday 10 March at 14h45.
24th Annual Convention of TESOL Greece “Innovation, motivation, education” to be held in Athens from 30-31 March, 2013.
Our workshop is entitled Free EFL material that raises awareness about mobility disability” and shows teachers how to use the Disabled Access Friendly campaign's free EFL lessons and graded reading texts to raise students' awareness of mobility disability. Students are prompted to think critically about issues of infrastructure, attitudes, behaviour and stereotyping, paving the way to positive change. Our talk is on Sunday 31 March at 11h10.
Exhibition Stands
A Disabled Access Friendly representative will be present at all these events to answer your questions and give you a free poster.
9-10 March 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece
30-31 March, 2013, Athens, Greece
6-7 April, 2013, Athens, Greece

7 April 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece

13-14 April, 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece
We hope to see you!
Best wishes
The Disabled Access Friendly campaign team
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Disabled Access Friendly
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