Sunday, June 16, 2013

Πανελλαδικές Εξετάσεις 2013

Θέματα Ειδικού Μαθήματος Αγγλικών – 15/06/2013

    Ενδεικτικές Απαντήσεις (συντάκτης: Πέτρος Ζαγκλιβερινός)


A1. 1. To highlight the contribution of informal learning to the development of critical thinking abilities and learning how to learn skills.

A1. 2. Exploring, employing and enhancing the ability to formulate focused questions in the learning how to learn sense.

A3. 3. Yes! When referring to the Exploratorium the writer relates to personal experiences of research conducted there and uses 'we'.

    A2. 4. B    5. A    6. C    7. C    8. A    9. B

    Β. ΓΛΩΣΣΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΓΝΩΣΗ (30 μονάδες)

    B1. 10. recession    11. graceful    12. acceptable    13. decision
         14. illegal

    B2. 15. for granted    16. No sooner    17. to leaving / to exiting
         18. provided that / only if     19. more likely

    B3. 20. D    21. E    22. A    23. F    24. C

    Γ. ΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΗ ΓΡΑΠΤΟΥ ΛΟΓΟΥ (40 μονάδες)

 (The article title is optional)
What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
      It cannot be argued that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of vital importance as it goes hand-in-hand with good health, physical fitness and the overall enjoyment of a pleasant, active and disease-free life.
Given that we all agree on this, isn’t it time we decided on the type of physical exercise we fancy each? Will it be swimming, cycling, a ball game, gym workout, or, what else is best for each one of us? The sooner we make that clear, the more likely we are to take up the activity almost instantly, do it regularly, and savour its beneficial effects on our state of health and physical condition.
It is, also, true that regular exercise can be ineffective unless we introduce certain lifestyle changes at the same time. Cutting down on excessive intake of starchy food is the next step to take, for reasons of better health and sustainable fitness. Spending less time at our PC workstations or doing less sedentary work is another issue worthy of concern.
So, don’t waste any more time! Go out and about! Do the workout you really enjoy. Regulate your meal contents. Smile at life and life is bound to smile back at you!

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