Wednesday, August 7, 2013


English FL in Lykeia TOTALLY OUT?!!!  What is next?

Sorry! We’re out!

Dear Associates in the Teaching of English Language and Culture,

Reliable information from education policy designers with regard to EFL instruction in Lykeia (Γενικά Λύκεια, δημόσια και ιδιωτικά) has recently unveiled a Greek State plan to  leave English Language instruction out of the new curriculum intended to come into force in September 2013.

For the first time in the history of Greek post-war secondary education the school subject of English Language is running a serious risk of being ostracized from school life, as if advanced English language skills would never be needed in undergraduate or postgraduate studies, let alone the professional and social life envisaged for this generation of High School students!

In all respects, if this callous act is passed, it will do little else but help shut Greece’s window to the world for good, at a time when metropolitan Hellenism is already forced to come to terms with this long lasting political, economic, social and cultural drama.

Without a doubt, this plan to slaughter English Language & Culture is WRONG and adds to ruining any hope for growth and development in Economy, Academia or Culture.

This educational, political, cultural, occupational and social BLUNDER has to be prevented, as its repercussions are so saliently and blatantly foreseeable.

People in authority, people that have some sense left, had better do something to stop them before it is too late!

EKADEVE (Northern Greece Association of State School Teachers of English):
Ø  Urges all colleagues / members / non-members / individuals to sign the e-petition run by PEKADE (Panhellenic Association of State School Teachers of English):ναι-στη-διδασκαλία-των-αγγλικών-στο-νέο-γενικό-λύκειο.html
Ø  Unites forces with all EFL Teachers Unions in the Country in common action to prevent any such plan from coming into effect,
Ø  Supports PEKADE in their efforts to gear the issue to a positive outcome.

Petros Zagkliverinos – Chair of EKADEVE Board - Thessaloniki

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